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Our trusted partners

How we interact with our network for more durable practices.

Motivating our stakeholders to participate in our long-term Corporate responsibility strategy and business methods is crucial to achieve our sustainability goals and to continuously optimize our activities.



Our clients

Using a versatile customer service, we strive to meet all our clients wishes. The result of this interaction is the clear identification of social and environmental responsibility as essential pillar which we share with our customers.

That's why we implemented responsible procurement assistance solutions, such as our environmental calculation tool. During our Sustainable Days and Sustainable Awards, we take plenty of time to analyze best practices.


Lyreco Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Lyreco Carbon Footprint Calculator is an instrument used by all our departments to assess our Carbon exhaust, direct and indirect. It was first used in 2010 and focuses on three areas:

  1. Consumables, cargo and materials
  2. Energy resources used and bought by us
  3. Other possible indirect outflow
Olaf from Lyreco Germany and 3 people from MTU


By cooperating closely, Lyreco and MTU are able apply lean processing, smooth processes and durable products. We would like to motivate everybody to aim for improved durability at their own organization.

Andreas Regnier

Purchasing manager at MTU, 2018 Lyreco Germany Sustainability Award winner

Our vendors

In cooperation with our own brand vendors, we work on a permanent international optimization program with an emphasis on fair practices and deep respect for ethical codes. The suppliers we work with endorse our Purchasing policy, our code of ethics and our screening processes.

Verantwoord gedrag

Empower responsability in practices

We permanently nurture exemplary practices applied by our vendors through our awards, Suppliers Day and Green Products screening methodology.

To make sure our durability and responsibility standards are met all the time, we also created a Supplier Sustainability Assessment process

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With Lyreco, we share information regarding durability all the time and we support each other to grow in this area. We cooperate to deliver our products in each region from the nearest mills, minimizing transportation.

Päivi Rissanen

Director of UPM, paper supplier under the NEW FUTURE brand

Our logistic companions and vendors

Being one of the very first companies for delivery of workplace products all around the globe, we acknowledge our responsibility to make sure our logistic companions share our environmental vision. Therefore we include durability clauses in our contracts, which enables us to develop permanent improvement programs, such as low-emission projects.

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Beyond the business aspect, the nature of the relations with our partners subscribes our durability strategy. Our Corporate responsibility unquestionably inspires the implementation of real actions like the definition of Principado Code of Ethics and the realization of a green fleet in Mexico.

Alejandro Torre

CEO of Principado Mexico, Lyreco distributor partner since 2014

Our trusted external partners

In the context of our Corporate durability, we cooperate with authorities, legal institutions and certification bodies to provide our clients with an objective viewpoint on our responsibility strategy. Being an international supplier, we act accordingly to the local laws that apply in each country

sdg goals

We are committed to the UN

In a broader perspective, being a member of Global Compact and Human Rights Club initiatives, we act accordingly to the UN guidelines in areas covered by the 17 SDGs

Pied herbe

When it comes to environmental and social responsibility, the EU is a key player in constructing legal frameworks. We use these EU requirements and guidelines in our activity, like the European Product Environmental Footprint pilot phase.

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Local charity and NGO’s

We commit to providing better social and environmental practices in our activities and more. Our employees are involved in local communities programms as well as in collaborative projects with social entreprises.

We also set up our own charity programme, Lyreco For Education, in partnership with the NGO Care, to help children and teenagers to access education all around the world.

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Thanks to Lyreco's support since 2010, CARE has been rolling out educational programs in Brazil, Madagascar and now Cambodia. Our common goal is to provide better education that will help students improve their access to society over the long term. We are making a difference together!

Nathalie Rosselot

Corporate Partnership Director, Care France