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11,000 products for the workplace

From office supplies to PPE


Only the best workplace products from the most distinguished brands of office products, paper, pens and stationery, hygiene supplies and personal protective equipment are carefully selected by Lyreco.

Given our long-lasting partnership with trusted suppliers, over the years we have grown a shared responsibility by constantly offering the best quality at the best rates, always combined with environment-friendliness, compliance and ethics

own brand products


Lyreco offers a wide variety of private label products: paper, pens and stationery, “green” recyclable cartridges, files, classic and professional cleaning products.

We can now select over 1,500 references for our clients with the aim of bringing the best price for the best quality in line with sustainability.

From the Budget-friendly range to the High-end range, these products offer a high-quality alternative to meet the requirements of high-quality office products. They have been cautiously chosen and produced according to norms that are monitored by official independent bodies.

Welcome the green office!

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In order to support our clients in shopping environmental friendly options for their office supplies, we have launched the Lyreco Green Tree Label. You can find more information on our CSR section & information linked to our Green Tree Label.

Lyreco Green Tree

Ecologic, Labour & Ethics screenings



Our Lyreco product manufacturers yearly receive a visit from the group QSS team for an on-site audit in order to make sure our commitments and sustainability benchmarks are continuously met.

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