Return and warranty conditions

After-sales service

Garantie icoon

Certain articles have a warranty period of more than 1 year. These materials and appliances are marked with the icon on the left.
The number indicates the number of years of warranty.

Before returning an appliance, we ask you to contact our customer service department. Please note: please also return all accessories (e.g. cables, roll holders, etc.) originally supplied with the appliance.
Please mention this with every repair:

your customer number
your name
your address
your phone number
a copy of the invoice or delivery note
the nature of the complaint

If the spare parts are still available, Lyreco can repair your appliances.

Price quote: on request. We await your agreement for the execution of the repair. Once the guarantee has expired and you want to have your appliance repaired, you will be charged a research fee of 75 EUR. These will be charged at all times. For further information, please contact your Lyreco contact person or Customer Service on +31 (0)88 603 2001.

1. Catalogue products

Does the delivered product not meet your expectations? We will take it back! You can return products up to 30 days after delivery, free of charge. Please pay attention to these things:


Preferably register your return via or contact our customer service department via (tel.: 088 60 32 001) and provide the following details:
the date of purchase
the order number
the reference(s) of the products
the exact quantity to be taken back
the reasons for the return

Products can only be taken back in their original, intact packaging.
The product you returned can only be collected if the product in question was delivered no more than thirty (30) days before and has not been used. We will only pick up the product at the delivery address. After 30 days the articles will no longer be returned (except in the case of a longer guarantee period or prior permission from Lyreco).

Icoon retour

The products marked with this icon can only be returned in the original packaging, including all supplied parts, within 48 hours after delivery of this product.

Please note: vacuum packs of printer cartridges must be returned unopened. Before opening, check that you have the correct cartridge.

2. Products outside catalogue and furniture

These products were ordered especially for you and cannot be returned. When ordering these products, please ask for sufficient information about the products in question.

3. Products with an expiry date
(Chapter 1: Catering)

All products listed in Chapter 1 (Catering) with an expiry date will be returned free of charge up to 5 days after delivery.

Step-by-step returns plan


Return procedure empty cartridges


Return boxes cartridges

The return boxes must be completely filled and the cartridges must be stripped of all packaging material (cardboard, foil,...).
✔ The boxes must be closed
You should preferably submit a request via the following e-mail address:
Please be sure to include the following information in your request:

  1. Customer name & number
  2. Internal contact + return phone number
  3. Opening hours
  4. Address/location where boxes are to be collected
  5. Exact number of full return boxes INKJET and/or LASER
  6. Number of required new empty return boxes INKJET and/or LASER


All return boxes to be collected must be collected at 1 location (e.g. reception or warehouse).
IMPORTANT: our customer service will then contact you to link the requested return to a delivery of office equipment. This in order to limit the impact of the transport on the environment.
At the time of return, no extra full boxes can be given because of the mandatory registration of waste removal. You have to submit a new request for this.

Ophaalbox laser

Ref. 11,745,155: INKJET return box
Dimensions: L 25 x W 25 x H 37 cm
Suitable for approx. 30 to 50 inkjet cartridges

Ophaalbox inkjet

Ref. 2.008.578: LASER return box
Dimensions: L 39.5 x W 39.5 x H 64.5 cm
Suited for approximately 12 laser cartridges

Below you can find the procedure for the free return of your empty INKJET and LASER cartridges.
LASER and INKJET cartridges must be collected separately.
Cartridges are only taken back when they are collected in Lyreco return boxes
We provide you with the following 2 types of free return boxes:

Any more questions? Call us: 088 603 2001



Sommige producten (bv. bepaalde kledingmaten, schoenen, handschoenen, enz.) zijn niet op voorraad in ons magazijn en worden door onze partners geleverd op bestelling. Ze worden later geleverd, volgens de gebruikelijke leveringswijze van Lyreco, zoals vermeld in onze algemene verkoopvoorwaarden. 


Een aantal producten worden niet door Lyreco zelf maar rechtstreeks door de fabrikant bij jou geleverd. Deze producten worden aangeduid met dit pictogram:

delivery picto

De voorwaarden en levertermijnen zijn slechts indicatief en kunnen verschillen van je gebruikelijke leveringsvoorwaarden, zoals vermeld in onze algemene verkoopvoorwaarden. Deze producten kunnen ook niet geretourneerd of omgeruild worden.

Download de volledige verkoopsvoorwaarden