Sustainable Development Goals

How we contribute to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda
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Committed to the UN SDG’s

In 2015 the UN recognized 17 sustainable development goals. These provide a blueprint for NGOs, governments, companies and humanity. They identify the challenges we face today, such as poverty, inequality, global warming, the loss of nature, world peace and justice.



As a major player in the world of distribution of solutions and products for the workplace, Lyreco focuses in particular on 4 SDGs.

SDG 8 en

In our own label, we at Lyreco offer an extensive range of products for the workplace. Our main priority lies in ensuring a high respect for human rights among our manufacturers and distributors. We also apply this standard in all our departments. Suppliers who do not meet these requirements are put on a black list.

Our key contributions


98 percent of our producers active in risk zones are checked every year, on the site itself by group QSS or by approved audit companies. The international SEDEX SMETA 4 and BSCI are used as standards for this. These audits are accompanied by an improvement program and follow-up of delivery processes.

Our annual vigilance plan aims to identify the risks of potentially serious consequences for human rights, basic freedoms, health and safety of our activities.

In conjunction with the Supplier Ethics Code, the Lyreco Business Supplier Agreement clarifies the core business ethics, commitment to working conditions and human rights that apply to all suppliers.

8.5 Achieve full and productive employment a decent work for all women and men

8.7 Take measure to eradicate forced labour and modern slavery

8.8 Protect labour right and promote safe & secure working environments

SDG 12 en

Whether it concerns plastic products such as pens or office stationaries; most office products have a short lifespan, are disposable and use natural raw materials.

That is why we promote more ecologically friendly products and solutions to all our customers, a commitment that we have maintained for years.

Our key contributions


In 2012, Lyreco was the first company in the workplace solutions market to develop its own ISO approved methodologies and label that encourages customers to opt for greener products within a range that includes both proprietary ecological products and those of other manufacturers.

In 2020 Lyreco has vowed to adapt its offering to a circular economy.

It’s a big step towards zero waste, creative ambitions and will cover all product ranges. This way we offer alternatives that are ready to recyclable and we expand the customers options to re-use products/materials.

Naturally, we at Lyreco want to encourage the reuse of plastic cups and bottles, paper and electronic devices. That is why we offer a wide range of collection options and reverse logistics solutions on a regular basis.

12.1 – Implement the 10-year programme on Sustainable consumption and production

12.2 – Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources

12.5– Reduction of Waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse

SDG 13 en

Reducing CO2 emissions throughout the value chain is an absolute top priority in our efforts to minimize Lyreco's environmental impact and contribute to our customers' ambitions in this field.

Our key contributions

In 2020 Lyreco will expand the scope of measurement and CO2 reduction of its own brand products to scope 3 (indirect emissions) in order to meet the new scientifically established CO2 reduction targets, in accordance with the Paris climate agreements.

The Lyreco divisions develop low-emission solutions with a specific focus on urban deliveries, route optimization and the fleet of sales vehicles and delivery trucks.

Sustainability represents 25 percent of the evaluation criteria and is therefore on a par with competitiveness, logistics and category management.

To encourage our customers to bundle their orders and reduce delivery frequencies, Lyreco applies discounts or additional charges for large or small orders accordingly.

Our commitment to the main goal: to significantly reduce our CO2 footprint, is achieved by adapting our offer to a circular economy by 2025.

By endorsing this, Lyreco is committed to supporting all stakeholder efforts in this area to reuce deforestation by 50% in 2020 and to end it by 2030.

13.1 – Strengthen resilience to climate-related hazards

13.3 – Improve education and awareness-raising

SDG 4 en

All Lyreco departments support education as a long term commitment.

Our key contributions

About Lyreco for Education header

This program has been supporting project development and structural optimization in the poorest countries since 2008.

Funds are mainly raised internationally through the thousands of actions that our people organize.

Lyreco for Education works in six countries in Africa, Asia and South America: Togo, Madagascar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Brazil.

Apart from this program, Lyreco branches also develop local charities in this matter.

4.1 – Ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education



As a member of the UN Global Compact since 2004, the Lyreco Group edits its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report.