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Safety in the workplace is a top priority of most companies. In addition to complying with all the legal obligations, investing in workplace safety is also investing in human capital. We help you find your way through the multitude of products and solutions and help you put together a suitable package that will allow you to minimize the safety risks at your workplace in a cost-effective way.

Tailor-made solutions for all industries

Intersafe has over 75 years of experience in industrial environments with high, medium and low risk activities. We understand the challenges you have to deal with and we are able to provide you with specialized solutions that meet the specific needs of your industry. We deliver high-quality, tailor-made and customized equipment that fits within your business processes on your prefered location. 

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Available all over Europe

Your organization operates on European level and runs activities all across Europe? No problem! Most of our products are available all over Europe. This way we are able to support your safety policies across borders.

safety circle


To make it easier for you to discover the risks of the workplace, we developed the Integral Safety & Health Circle. The Integral Safety & Health Circle serves as a guideline to help you with your risk assessment to create a safe and productive work environment.

Employee Safety Manager 

The Employee Safety Manager is an online platform where you can track the entire process relating to personal protective equipment (PPE), such as clothing packages, safety and screen glasses and customized hearing protection at an individual level. This platform gives purchase managers insight into which employee is using which product or item and offers detailed information on the purchase date, the date of replacement and, if applicable, the available budget per employee. Employees can order their own clothing online and make an appointment with the nearest optician, hearing care professional or orthopedist. Everything in accordance with pre-agreed agreements and guidelines within your organization. All parties are continuously informed of the progress of the process through notification e-mails.

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Service points

For measuring and delivering prescription and computer glasses, we use the services network of, among others, Pearle and Eye Wish. This includes the about 100 Eye Wish stores that are converted in 2022 into Pearle Studio.
In Belgium, you can go to the optical stores of Pearle and Grand Optical.

For the measurement of customized hearing protection, you can use the services network of Van Boxtel Hearing shops in the Netherlands and in Belgium the audiologists of the store chain ‘goed’.

In addition, in the Netherlands Intersafe uses the Livit services network for the measurement and delivery of specific orthopedic adjustments, such as insoles for work shoes.
In Belgium, we set up a cooperation with Orthovalo that comes along with its ‘Pasbus’ (‘fitting bus’) to measure the insoles on site.


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We are happy to help you with everything you need relating to personal protection equipment, safety and health for every work environment. Our extensive range of products ensures that you will receive the right protection that applies to your workplace.