Lyreco UK takes part of Telford's community

Social responsibility is a very important part of the Lyreco sustainability strategy and Lyreco UK has always been committed to supporting charities and being involved in responsible local community projects.

Commiting to reduce the impact of our activities

Apart from being an employer of choice in Telford, Lyreco is a member of the BESST (Business Environmental Support Scheme of Telford) steering committee, a partnership between local private and public sector businesses which aims at assisting businesses to improve their environmental performance, in order to boost competitiveness and reduce their impact on the environment.

telford crisis

Working together to help people in need

When Lyreco was approached to be part of the “Telford and Crisis Network”, the Senior Management Team could not turn down the invitation. It is the ideal project where businesses can work together with groups from the public, voluntary and community sectors with the common objective of supporting people in crisis in the Telford area.

As a member of “Telford and Crisis Network”, Lyreco is able to demonstrate to its stakeholders that its social responsibility and community support covers both local (such as collections and donations of goods and food, help and guidance to people in need… ) and global projects. The network also provides the company with many opportunities for employee engagement, of which internal sustainability campaigns are a key part of the company’s social awareness activities.