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First aid training may save your life

In 2017, Lyreco Poland launched their first aid training sessions for people who are responsible for evacuating the facilities. Since then, a lot of accidents were avoided.

Some skills can save a life; by teaching how to help colleagues in case of injury, heart attack or accident, Lyreco Poland ensures a safe workplace to all their employees.

In practice, QSS managers usually organize the first aid and defibrillator training with the aim of building awareness to avoid accidents and improve Lyreco employees’ skills to provide premedical first aid.

The last 2019 session gathered 84 people from warehouse, office and sales employees. 

poland first aid

Learning new skills

The 4.5 hours program includes

  1. Help in case of fainting
  2. Assistance in case of fracture
  3. Resuscitation
  4. Defibrillation & first aid
  5. Proceedings during an accident on the road

accidents in Lyreco Poland in 2019 (compared to 2017), thanks to an increasing number of people trained during these sessions.