Lyreco Thailand - Sustainability Activity

Environmental Volunteering Program 2022


On September 24, Lyreco Thailand held an environmental event in Ratchaburi province, accompanied by Pachee River Wildlife Sanctuary Personnel Guidance and Training. Volunteers from several departments built a sparse forest and dispersed seeds using a slingshot to increase the forest resources. Not only do these activities strengthen our communication and teamwork skills but they also reflect our commitment to sustainability.


Shooting a slingshot for dispersing plant seed

Dispersing plant seed by shooting a slingshot

 Shooting plant seed with a slingshot for dispersing is another method of planting a tree by letting them naturally grow out from seed. In this event, Our volunteers spread Kha Mong seed which is exceptionally fireproof and easy to grow in this area to be a tree shade for wildlife. Not only does this activity increase forests and enhance sustainability but also provide enjoyment for our volunteers.

Planting Sparse Forest

Planting sparse forests for wildlife

 The sparse forest is significant food and mineral resource for wildlife. Sparse forests roughly have a lifespan of 4-5 years. In this event, we chose an area that was planted with sparse forest before and ran out of its lifespan. Plowing the surface till it deepens 50 cm. separate it into 3 layers. The first layer is filled with 40 kg of salt and some soil that consists of minerals. The second layer is filled with 30 kg of salt and some soil that consists of minerals. The last layer is covered with the same component as the first layer. Eventually, watering it to keep its moisture lest it is rainy season.