Lyreco Thailand being part of PEFC: Chain Of Custody

Global warming has been creating impacts globally for decades, and it seems not getting better. Though many countries had tried their best to solve. 

Especially in Thailand that we encounter PM2.5 pollution, flooding, insufficient water source and etc. This  phenomenon are considered the consequence of deforestation and destruction to Environment Ecosystem. It eventually affects people health and condition.

Forest ecosystem is a significant component of the world’s biodiversity as the forests are more biodiverse than other ecosystems.

In fact, Forests cover 31 percent of the global land area (40.6 billion km2). Approximately half of the forest area is relatively intact. And more than one-third is primary forest (i.e. naturally regenerated forests of native species), where there are no visible indications of human activities and the ecological processes are not significantly disturbed).

World forest situation

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There are 30% of remaining forest in the world.



20% of our planet's oxygen is based on Amazone rainforest.



11% of the globe's land surface is used in agriculture which is a main cause of deforestation.

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In one minute, Deforestation can cover area equal to 20 football fields .



The remaining forest in Thailand is 31.68%.

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Rate of deforestation in Thailand now at 0.02%.

Thailand’s forest area has declined from 276,072 to 163,479 square kilometers in the last 50 years due to deforestation and improper forest management.

That means we lose the area of forest that is able to absorb 3,616 tons of carbon dioxide. To put this into perspective, it would take 8,606 years for person to exhale that amount of carbon dioxide.



Learn More About Lyreco and PEFC

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes sustainable forest management through independent third party certification.

Its worldwide independent national forest certification systems represent more than 300 million hectares (741.3 million acres) of certified forests making it the largest forest certification system in the world, covering about two-thirds of the globally certified forest area.


PEFC works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for highest Ecological, Social and Ethical standards.

Our customers often ask us for a wider range of sustainable and green products, and as part of our commitment and strategy towards sustainability, we are expanding our offer of these items. 

We have identified PEFC as one of the leading certification systems in Europe and Asia. The products from one of our own brand suppliers are PEFC certified. Lyreco therefore decided to obtain and to support PEFC chain of custody certification.

One of our leading products, White A4 Office Paper, is a key product in most offices. We are aware that Thailand’s forest area has declined from 276,072 to 163,479 km2 in the last 50 years due to deforestation and improper forest management.

We are constantly looking to certified sustainable resource of paper products. PEFC provides us with one of the answers in Thailand, to be the pioneer in promoting sustainability when sourcing White A4 Office Paper.

Lyreco seeks to be the pioneer in promoting the sourcing and supply of sustainable office products in the Thai market, and to encourage the wider availability of certified green products.

PEFC chain of custody certification has allowed Lyreco to create internal and external educational and communication programs around the importance of PEFC certification, thus generating more engagement from our customers who are increasingly asking for sustainability and green products.

The White A4 Office Paper with PEFC certification has proved to be extremely popular, with both Thai and international companies in Thailand. We can see where we have been able to educate our customers to understand more about the importance of selecting a green product, certified product. 

One day in the future, once the level of Eco products awareness in our market is higher, we can be proud that we were a small part of the change that made this happen.

Firstly, there are far more similarities than differences, with both systems working towards the implementation of sustainable forest management practices around the world. While PEFC and FSC share the same goals, they choose different routes to get there.

The existence of two competing international certification schemes has resulted in continuous improvement and both PEFC and FSC have significantly modified their schemes over the past ten years. PEFC is now competent to deal with tropical forestry and plantation regimes, just as FSC has developed a group certification process to accommodate small-scale landowners. Both are fully compliant with national procurement policies such as CPET1 in the UK and assist in meeting global objectives such as the EU Timber Regulation

David Record PEFC Article

We and our customers are constantly looking to source PEFC-certified paper to preserve remaining forest in Thailand sustainably.  

As one of a leader in office products and solutions business. We must keep pioneering in providing eco-friendly products in order to forward the earth and environment to our people in the next generation.

David Record
Managing Director of Lyreco Thailand

Lyreco (Thailand) is well aware of the decline in the ecosystem and environment. That is why we keep investing in sustainability resources, improving our working process, making the procurement measure which is environment-friendly so that we can stop deforestation. 

Our organization has been certified PEFC: Chain of Custody for distributing and advertising PEFC certified products and green products. Our main achievement is to help reducing world pollution and environmental destruction so that our business can grow sustainably together.


Join us to sustainably restore nature and create the good change in society and environment by choosing PEFC certified products from Lyreco.

Lyreco PEFC CoC certification

Download the certificate for the system used to track the origin and the certification of custody from Lyreco (Thailand) sustainable plantation.