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Lyreco's Action Learning promotes and develops learning culture

Lyreco Thailand has adopted Action Learning since June 2018 to enhance internal cooperation across its multiple locations and to promote and develop a learning culture for all its employees.


What is Action Learning?

A problem solving and leadership development process with a small group working on real problems, taking action, and learning as individuals and as a team while doing so.


Action Learning Thailand Member

Introducing Action Learning to Lyreco Thailand


As part of global transformational change project, initiated by the Lyreco headquarter in 2018, Human Resources has majorly transformed its objectives and approach to better develop Lyreco people as our most valuable resources and to reshape company’s culture.


In the last quarter of 2018, Lyreco HR departments globally changed their name to “People and Culture”. To support a new People and Culture strategy, Lyreco Thailand’s management were looking for a development program to create a culture of collaboration and learning. We identified Action Learning as one possible solution. Contact was made with Peter Cauwelier, President of WIAL, and the initial decision was to nominate leadership colleagues to attend a foundation course.


In the same year, the Senior Management Team of nine directors plus three senior managers attended a two-day Action Learning course held in English by Peter Cauwelier. After that a second cohort of sixteen second line managers and supervisors were also trained in Chiang Mai, meaning that twenty-eight employees had attended a foundation course.


After 2 years from when Action Learning was introduced at Lyreco Thailand, currently we have 5 Certified Action Learning Coaches who continuously lead MPAL (Multiple Problems Action Learning) sessions for multiple groups of employees. As part of company’s learning culture, the decision was made among the group of Senior Management Team that we continue Action Learning especially for team members who are new to Action Learning.


Lyreco Thailand's Action Learning Team

Our latest challenges using Action Learning approach

Since August 2020, we conducted the bi-annual employees engagement survey or as we called Internal Opinion Barometer (IOB). The results revealed that our employees were very much positive and more engaged with Lyreco.


Overall we achieved the engagement level at 91%. That was the highest figure in our history in at least the past 10 years we had conducted this survey. It seems we did not have any major issues or serious problem to fix.


Nonetheless, every employees opinion and feedback have been valuable to us as a whole. We formed new groups of employees to work on the area for development as reflected from the survey.


For this time, we have applied SPAL (Single Problem Action Learning) approach. Each group meets at least once a month from December 2020 to March 2021.


We will be presented of each group’s final solution and action plan in April this year.

Action Learning Thailand Member

Our Learnings from Action Learning

This living process of Action Learning at Lyreco Thailand helps to enable and to contribute to our company’s People and Culture strategy.

Learning Culture is in our Lyreco’s DNA. Despite the solution and the action plan, team members have learned about other departments and other colleagues whom they might never met before.

It proved to be an effective way to break down the Silos at work. Our employees also learned to ask good questions, listening skill, and leadership competencies.

Especially for Thais to learn to speak up and not to be afraid to raise a question as it is a ground rule for Action Learning Coaches to be able to intervene at any time when they see learning opportunities.

We have been receiving positive feedback from Action Learning participants, and they request we continue to apply Action Learning at Lyreco Thailand.

Action Learning Thailand Member
Director of WIAL Thailand

WIAL Action Learning has multiple benefits and Lyreco Thailand was really focused on applying the problem-solving methodology in a thorough and meaningful way. Sharing challenges in cross-functional teams and using the WIAL Action Learning methodology to solve them not only brings more creative solutions, it improves connections and communication across departments: a great strength for any growing organization. The Lyreco Thailand leadership team was trained as Action Learning coaches developing them as genuine team coaches and  allowing to internalize the methodology fully. Managers learn themselves greatly when they play the role of a team coach, where they support a team’s learning and allow the team to identify and implement their own solutions.


World Institute for Action Learning

Peter Cauwelier
Director of WIAL Thailand