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Our goal for 2026 is: 90% of employees are proud to work for Lyreco

We commit to offering our employees a continuously better quality of life at work as well as taking care of the communities we operate in:  

  • We commit to support Lyreco employee’s development and to provide more than a job, but a career at Lyreco.  

  • We aim to provide a safe and empowering working life for all our employees  

  • We take action to make a positive impact on the communities of the countries we operate in and to support education thanks to our global” Lyreco for Education” program 

Exposing talents to internal mobility, putting a priority on learning & development, by creating a Lyreco academy, contributing to safe jobs, funding sustainable programs, and encouraging our employees to get involved in our local communities are some examples of how we go from words to action. 

GPS – 2022

The Great People Survey

Lyreco People are the driving force behind all our actions and activities. We commit to offering them a work environment in which they can thrive as well as the best opportunities to grow and evolve. 

We make it a point of honor to listen to our employees and take action to improve their work life. That is why each year, we conduct a Great People Survey all around the 25 countries we operate in. 


In 2026, our goal is to reach 90% of employees that are proud to work for Lyreco. 


Providing a safe workplace

Our main focus when it comes to our people is their safety. We make sure the work environment of all Lyreco employees corresponds to well-being and safety criteria that are expected from a responsible employer. 

Empowering people 


Lyreco Pioneers program

In 2021, Lyreco Innovation launched Lyreco Pioneers - an internal entrepreneurial program that seeks to mobilise every one of our 12000 employees to provide solutions to key challenges around sustainability. 

2 main challenges:

  • What new products or services could we create that would help our customers make more sustainable choices 

  • What new internal processes or ways of working can help Lyreco reduce its impact on the environment 


261 entries from across Lyreco 25 countries

1 jury of experts 

6 teams chosen to integrate the incubation program 

1 pitch per team  

1 winning idea

Pioneer 2022

The winning idea

The creation of a Sustainable Dashboard - where our customers can see the impact (CO2 emissions) of the products they buy from us. The dashboard will also enable them to set targets and employ strategies to reduce their emissions.

pioneer mountain lyreco

Going forward

Lyreco Pioneers will now become an annual program, a landmark moment in the Lyreco calendar and a chance for everyone in the Lyreco family to be part of the creation of new solutions to our most important challenges. 

Lyreco Innovation will continue to work closely with Sustainability to support and enable innovations in this vital, business critical area.


Lyreco for education

Lyreco for education Supporting equal access to education in the poorest countries

Committing all our employees to devote time to charitable operations is part of Lyreco company culture. Through the Lyreco For Education programme, Lyreco employees develop fund raising actions to give children living in poor conditions better access to education.

The objective is to increase school enrolment and reduce school drop out rate by improving the quality of education and learning conditions.
Funds are mainly raised through various activities and initiatives across our global subsidiaries.

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