Progress People Together


We collaborate with our partners to progress sustainably

We take action to set an ethical framework in all our activities and encourage our employees and partners to adopt sustainable practices.

We make sure we involve all our partners to issue the best initiatives, actions and decisions possible.  

  • We actively listen to customers and suppliers to progress.  
  • We share our journey towards sustainability and embark our partners with us. 
  • We take action to set an ethical framework in all our activities. 
  • We nudge our employees and partners to adopt sustainable practices. 

By listening, acting, and transparently communicating what we do and how we do it creates an ethical way of working not only inside Lyreco but also for all people working with us.  


Our stakeholders

The way we engage with our ecosystem for more sustainable practices

Engaging our stakeholders over the long-term in our Corporate Responsibility strategy and actions is essential to reach our sustainability goals and to support continuous improvement across all of our activities.

People Together

Certifications & Recognitions

Trust and clarity are essential to meet our customers' environmental expectations and requirements for the highest quality. 

Our customers are ensured they can rely on a trusted supplier and to select their sustainable products based on clear information through: 

  1. An ISO Management system, adapted to our subsidiaries' specific needs
  2. Recognized environmental labels and certifications
  3. The Lyreco sustainability selection methodology

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