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Tail Management

Optimise your cost and simplify your procurement

Indirect spend in large organisations typically accounts for only 20% of business expenditure. Yet it can represent up to 80% of the supply chain. However, this spend is often low value and fragmented transactions, making it difficult not only to track spend but to allocate resource to managing these costs.

This is why effective tail management is essential to making this spend go further through cost control and improving bottom-line profits. Lyreco can help by reducing your hard and soft costs.

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Does this sound familiar?

80% of your suppliers account only for 20% of your spend:

  • Too many suppliers with small spend
  • Non-compliant suppliers
  • Workload capacity at maximum
  • Lack detailed expenditure visibility
  • Fragmented approach to small value spend

Allow Lyreco to help you with your tail management through our audit services.


The benefits of managing tail-end spend

visibility of your spending


Through effective tail-end management

You will take control of your spend visibility, receiving one report in one format rather than dealing with information from multiple sources. This allows you to enrich your supplier data and guide your tail-spend in line with your objectives.

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Cost reduction for enhanced buying power

Through increased contract compliance, bulk-buying and less one-off purchases you will see a consistent spend that gives you the best deal for your tail-end spend.

easy control on contract performance


To ease contract performance management

Having a reduced supply chain means it’s easier for you to manage and monitor contract performance.

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An easy to follow blueprint

We will work with you to increase end-user buy-in. Compliance will increase as users will have access to a vast product range provided in line with online marketplace prices.

Medias and contact


We have structured our service offering by providing the necessary tools and resources in order to make things better. Regardless of country and technology, our dedicated Lyreco team makes it easy for you to focus on your priorities while we take care of everything

  1. Complete ranges of products available online
  2. 100% real time stock availability

From e-catalogues to e-invoices, Lyreco offers seamless integration with any procurement application: Ariba, Commerce, One platforms, Oracle, SAP's EBP/SRM and others. Our single IT platform facilitates global and local implementation, hence easily extending your e-procurement initiatives. Whatever the document type and protocol, (xCBL, EDI, etc.) you can easily and securely connect with Lyreco.


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