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9 tips of how to stay organized while working from home!

9 tips of how to stay organized while working from home!

Majority of us are at the moment experiencing a shift in our work manners, as we came from well-known spaces of our busy office buildings into an unknown reality of home offices. Since our households represent personal spaces, not only we have to adapt our mindsets, but the homes themselves.

At home, we have the opportunity to observe all the imperfections and little things asking for repairs. At the same time, our work tasks do not allow for slower pace. What do we do then, to keep focused and avoid getting distracted?

How do we make ourselves comfortable meanwhile keeping up with the daily tasks?


1. Get Equipped

Comfort is all about preparation. Design a functional space, where you have the tools you need to perform effectively. Besides the recommended necessities such as a chair and a mouse complimented by keyboard, a dock that you connect your laptop to and a home screen, reach for an upgraded solution. Long-term perspective encourages investing into ergonomics, rewarding yourself with comfortable appliances benefitting your health.

`From technical gadgets that make working at home more efficient, I recommend a cooling pad that ensures that your computer does not overheat while working, a good tip is also an external USB hub that expands the number of USB ports.`
Katarína Pilarčíková, Category Manager from Slovakia


2. Make sure you are connected to the world

Luckily, we have the opportunity to stay connected with our relatives, friends and colleagues wherever we might be. In the office spaces, people we meet bring many information and inputs to us. Try to keep that notion during home office as well. Read the news, listen to the radio or podcasts, most importantly, discuss, and share information with your colleagues. Simply said, stay connected. To avoid discomfort and irritation, make sure your Wi-Fi is set up properly and that your connection is stable.


3. Office mindset

Keep up with the morning routine and get yourself into the work mindset. Rise and shine! Try not to hit that snooze button, instead enjoy a nutritious breakfast to start the day on a positive note. Get in contact with your colleagues and tasks for the day just as you would in the office. For the coffee lovers, have your cup always ready and do not hesitate to reach out to other colleagues for a morning Teams talk session. Remember, that proper outfit influences your mind settings and your overall mood. Keep it simple but comfortable.


4. Plan your breaks

Working at home easily immerses you in work deeper than in the office, where no one is bothering and interrupting. The break rhythm may also be lacking when it is not possible to meet at the same time every day with a familiar coffee break group. Remember to stop and breathe, especially when the idea does not seem to be running around with work tasks. If possible, take a break away from your workstation. Sit in the sun, breath fresh air or stretch your body to freshen up. Use a 50/10 rule: a 50-minute work cycle with no distractions, followed by a 10-minute break. Also, do not miss a snack; stay hydrated and fuel up your minerals with spring water.


5. Get moving

Drink plenty of water, eat a fruit every day and keep on moving. Many of us lost the chance to move and fulfill our step goals set on our gadgets. Develop a habit of moving around when calling or thinking. Introduce an active routine to your mornings or afternoons to energize. Dedicate an hour of the day to physical activity should it be stretching, dancing, workout or walking a dog. Pet owners also know that stroking a furry friend is the best way to relax, relieve stress, and lower your heart rate.


6. Avoid distractions

Working from the couch or bed is tempting, however teach yourself to physically separate your professional space from your personal space. By setting apart these two worlds, you will help your concentration and ensure that neither of your two spheres take the upper hand. Prefer a quiet place, away from potential distractions to maximize your concentration, such as a bedroom or a vacant room. If you are limited in space, try to segment a room with a physical barrier (shelf, curtain, screen) to mark your workspace.


7. Be available

Even in these times, to fully cooperate with your business partners, suppliers or customers, make sure you are available and on top of things/information. Try not to shy away when difficulties appear, rather be present and show support where needed. Do not hesitate to contact your colleagues or managers in case of struggles. Many of them face the same issues and will gladly share their tips and tricks to overcome hurdles.


8. Communicate

Having a team’s call without a proper equipment is excruciating for you as well as the other side. Considering headset as essential, go for a `pro` feeling and invest into headphones that isolate background noise and include a microphone. In this way, your household will not interfere with maintenance of your scheduled meetings. Moreover, teleworking will increase in the future and establish its place among other possibilities of working. Take the opportunity now and learn how to manage remote work effectively.

`Personally, I think this situation has opened up further opportunities for communication and Teams will become an increasingly sought-after work tool. During our team calls, we all learn the necessary information at the same time and, above all, I can talk to all colleagues, compared to 2-3 separate colleague phone calls I was able to make during a workday.`
Martin Gonda, Senior Sales Executive


9. You are always welcomed

Even though the limitations are restrictive, remember that you can always pop in to your office building to pick up necessary documents, or in case of a sudden need for change of the working environment. Make sure to discuss this opportunity with your manager to keep updates on current work location. In this time, however, we recommend staying at home. Whichever tools and supplies you might be missing from your office, can be delivered to your home address.