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Office supplies for a professional workplace

Without fundamental office supplies, no workplace, office, or professional meeting can run smoothly. Do you have enough pens, clean paper sheets for your printer, and envelopes? And what about whiteboard markers or refreshments for the presenter? 

 Only when you’re looking for work tools rather than workforce, you’ll realise how much you need office supplies and the correct accessories for your workspace.  

Let's have a look at which office supplies and tools are necessary for the efficient operation of the workplace. 


1. For you to write with - office pens   

Stationery is necessary for every workplace. Ordinary ballpoint and fountain pens should be kept on hand at all times so that you and your co-workers can jot down crucial information when it is needed. 

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It is entirely up to you whether you order traditional ballpoint pens, gel pens, or professional-looking fountain pens with indelible ink, such as those used for contract signing.  

If your company is committed to sustainability and wants to help reduce CO2 emissions, we suggest you choose eco-friendly pens. Eco-friendly pens are usually made from recycled materials and are often recyclable. 


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OUR TIP: Think big!

One pen is definitely not enough for one employee.

Instead, buy larger packs to place in each office so that everyone has access to a pen as needed.  

2. Jot down crucial information - sticky notes  

Do you have any information that your personnel must always keep track of? Legendary post-it notes and sticky notes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours allow them to do so. But keep in mind that post-it notes are not a place for any company computer passwords.  

sticky notes

The thinner post-it strips (bookmarks) can also be used as index tabs to indicate crucial locations in a multi-page text. You can also use them as a “professional” directional mark to indicate where a supervisor’s or customer’s signature should be placed.   

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3. Professional paperwork 

 An A4 sheet protector, like an office chair, ergonomic mouse, or white office paper, should be standard office equipment. Always keep folders and other filing accessories on hand. 

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Envelopes in various sizes are a part of every company despite digitalization.  

Plastic cover cases with a stud or zipper are a great alternative to conventional envelopes or sheet protectors. They are resealable and will keep your documents or papers safe.  

Norbert Vojtko

Resealable cover cases with a stud aren't only for your office! They have a wide range of applications. If you are passing over a corporate automobile, for example, you can safely store the registration certificate, insurance documentation, and keys in an envelope. They would fall out of the sheet protector immediately, and a conventional envelope can only be closed once.

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Category Manager Office and Printing

4. Small snacks and drinks to keep you hydrated always on hand  

 Coffee and refreshments in the workplace are a perk of many modern organisations - not just for visitors, but also for staff.  

So buying mineral water, condiments, or snacks at the nearest grocery shop and bringing them to the kitchen a bit at a time makes no sense. The same courier who brings you paper, toiletries, and other office supplies can also bring you drinks, milk, teas and coffees, salty or sweet snacks.  

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OUR TIP: Buy everything your employees need in one place.  

You'll get an overview of your expenditures and save money and time spent shopping and transporting. 

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Simplify the ordering process for your workplace.

Set up favourites lists in your Lyreco customer account. You can create a list of permitted products for each subsidiary if you have many regional offices that order various products. Our customers appreciate the approval procedure, as well as the order approval setup.  

 Read about our customer Orion’s experience using Lyreco’s approval system. 

One supplier for everything your workplace needs    

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