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Lyreco sustainable selection

We commit to using and selling sustainable products and services.

Indeed, we want to transition from a linear model (take – make – dispose) to a circular economy by offering sustainable alternatives for all products we sell, improving recyclability of both products and packaging and offering waste recycling streams.
We target to reach 90% of our sales made by sustainable products. 

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From 2023, we introduce the Lyreco sustainable selection, a new methodology to identify the sustainable products and services. This selection methodology will be assessed and certified by SGS, and based on 3 criteria: 




Product and services with less impact on the environment  

Product and services with a better impact on people’s well-being and quality of life at work  

Products, services and practices redesigned to have a better societal impact  

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Planet by Lyreco

Sustainable products and services, assessed as eco-certified, refurbished, made with recycled materials or self-claimed as reparable, refillable, returnable, low-resources user, extended life or compostable.  

People by Lyreco

People at work by Lyreco

Products and services designed to improve people’s well-being, safety and quality of life at work and officially certified as such or considered as ergonomic by the Lyreco assessment methodology.  



Products and services that contribute to fostering fair and better business practices, including fair trade, local production and social enterprise promotion.


A clear and transparent product and service assessment methodology based on sustainable criteria.  

Our priority is to offer our customers a place they can trust to make sustainable purchases.
This is why Sustainable by Lyreco relies on a clear and transparent product and service assessment methodology, based on sustainable criteria. 

Here is what we mean when we say our products and services are assessed 

 On the Sustainable by Lyreco marketplace, each product/service must be:  

  • Sold by a seller assessed as sustainable  

  • AND provided with a packaging recycled up to 80% of its weight  

  • AND recyclable or reusable up to 80% of its weight  

In addition to these criteria, all products and services must comply with at least one of the 3 Lyreco sustainable seals: planet, people at work and community. 

Learn more about our product and sellers’ assessment